One day I was asked about how would I design a t-shirt with a boxing gym logo on it that everyone would love to wear even outside the gym. I was thinking a lot, analyzing what makes me and other people like a certain t-shirt, which sportswear look great a which are designed poorly. At that moment the boxing gym had a visually complex logotype in vintage style, which just didn't work. I studied plenty of current sport brands and their approach of designing stylish sport clothes. It brought me the point, where I decided to rework the entire logo in order to make it clean, simple and elegant and to help the gym sell a bit more t-shirts.
The redesign was received very positively, and from a t-shirt design it turned to a complete gym rebranding which lead to the whole Boxring Stuttgart 2.0 relaunch.  

A new Boxring Collection was created with the new design you can find here and the picture below show several t-shirt prints.
From a complex classic logo to a modern clean design
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