In my fourth semester I was working in a student team on a CGI animated story about a little steam-robot Eliot, which is living in a forest and eating trees till only one tree remains. Its a 210 sec animated film with a cute character and a bit of environmental protection subtext.
In this project I had chance to be responsible for direction and art, created the character, worked on environments and draw storyboards. 
In April 2018 I pitched the idea and after a pre-production phase in October 2018 our team of 6 students started working on the project. We had about 3 months to finish the film.
In February 2019 the film was publicly shown at the Hochschule der Medien for the fist time during the Medianight.
Eliot was nominated in the festival program of the 25th Filmschau Baden-Württemberg in the competition for the Baden-Württemberg film award:
and will be shown on 7th December 2019 in Metropol Kino Stuttgart.

The film is officially published on the HdM Stage: Eliot
High poly model sculpted in Zbrush:
Low poly modeled in Maya:
The character was uv-unwraped in Maya and divided in 6 UDIMs preserving same texel density over all UV shells. All textures were made inside Substance Painter.
Photo references
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