In a group of 10 students we developed a multiplayer Battle Royale game in 3 month using Unreal Engine 4.
I was responsible for the Level and Environment Design as well as asset creation, texturing and modeling. 
Juschnogorsk is a town located in a post-apocalyptic post-soviet setting I created for the project. For the rest of the map I had support from other two 3d artists. The whole map is about 1000m2 and has four points of interest including a gas station, a sand quarry, a massive forest and the gost town.

To fake GI in real time I used Light Propagation Volumes inside UE4.

Our prototype was presented on the end of semester and played by hundreds of students and visitors.
A huge inspiration was the city Pripyat in Ukraine, which was abandoned after Chernobyl disaster. After my trip to Pripyat I brought many photo references and textures with me, which I used to model the environment.
Photos from my trip trip to Chernobyl.
Another reference were cheap concrete-paneled apartment buildings which were developed in the Soviet Union during the early 1960s named "Khrushchyovka". I looked at old photos and blueprints and found out that some of apartments were build out of modules, which is very similar to modular assets approach used in level design for games. I decided to model building in same way, out of walls, modules and not complete buildings. That allowed me to produce many variations and to be flexible in my level design.
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